Wasabi + Site Tour 360 Case Study


In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, dynamic, interactive content has become an important part of engaging audiences online and driving people to action – and some companies, like Site Tour 360, are leading the charge. Site Tour 360 is a startup that creates, captures, and builds projects with 360 degree photos and videos to create immersive experiences on the web. These projects are used to create virtual tours of tourist attractions, before- and after-visualizations of disaster sites, and commercial development tours that show the highlights of potential investments in regional areas.

While the cost of data storage has come down significantly over time, challenges remain. Today’s cameras produce higher resolution files with every new innovation in camera technology, and one of the biggest challenges for companies like Site Tour 360 is how to store a collection of high resolution footage in a way that is both easy to access and affordable.

Enter Wasabi.

Wasabi provides cloud storage for $5.99/tb/month, a fraction of the price of first generation cloud storage providers with speeds that are up to 6x faster. Wasabi also has a simple, one-line pricing model and no charges for egress fees or API requests, meaning we never make you pay to access your own data.

By using Wasabi to store high-res images and video files, Site Tour 360 has been able to grow at their own pace and store their data in a way that’s easily accessible, affordable and scalable. As a result, they’ve been able to focus their energies on offerening expanded services rather than worrying about cloud data storage costs, as they continue to capture the world with immersive, 360 degree experiences.