Hurricane Damage Assessment: Before & After

Google Street View trusted badge

The Mexico Beach project consists of 360 imagery we collected and posted to Google Street View days after Hurricane Michael made landfall. We’ve developed some curated experiences to highlight the before and after effects of the Hurricane Michael. We used NCTech’s iStar Pulsar camera to capture all of the 360 images for this project.

The 360 images we collected are hosted on Google Maps and represented by the pins on the map below. Select the clock icon to toggle between the “before and after” imagery.

Click the window below to view project:

This privately hosted project uses toggle buttons to compare before and after imagery for both satellite view and street view. Site Tour 360 hosts the imagery for this project.

This custom map uses the Google Maps API to highlight the routes we collected. Click the red lines on the custom map to open our 360 imagery in Google Street View.

  • Technology used : Google Street View, NCTech iStar Pulsar, Google Maps API, Pano2VR