Sparr Building & Farm Supply

The Sparr Building & Farm Supply project highlights three locations and is a mash-up of custom navigation, Google Street View, and Matterport 3D Tours. The client can show the project to new customers or customers who are out of the area. The users can view the exterior yards and barns through Google Street View. Similarly, users can view the showrooms with Matterport 3D tours. Another perk of this project, is the MPEmbed overlay system. Accessing specific locations within the tour can become difficult due to its larger scale. For that reason, the MPEmbed provides a detailed menu for navigating between spaces.

Sparr Location

Williston Location

Wildwood Location

Google Badge & Matterport Badge


  • Technology used : Google Street View, Matterport, MPEmbed Overlay, MP3D Overlay, NCTech iStar Pulsar, Insta 360 PRO, WalkInto, DJI Mavic Pro, Pano2VR